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April 20th 2023

Join our in-person Entropy Conference in London.

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Time : 3 - 3.15 PM


Kick off the ENTROPY Conference. As you settle in, enjoy a refreshing array of drinks.

Time : 3.15 - 3.30 PM

Opening keynote

Dive into the ENTROPY Conference with an opening keynote by our CEO Salma Bakouk.

portrait selma
Salma Bakouk
Co-founder & CEO
Time : 3.30- 4PM

How Adaptavist leveraged Sifflet to achieve actionable data quality at scale

Gain valuable insights on how Adaptavist leveraged Sifflet's data observability platform. Neil Sparrow, Head of Data at Adaptavist, takes the stage for an engaging session moderated by Salma Bakouk.

Neil Sparrow headshot
Neil Sparrow
Head of Data
portrait selma
Salma Bakouk
Co-founder & CEO
Time : 4-4.15 PM


Take a break and recharge your energy for the exciting sessions ahead.

Time : 4.15-4.45 PM

Sifflet Live Demo & Product Roadmap

Discover how Sifflet can help you achieve actionable data quality monitoring at scale and learn about Sifflet's latest developments.

Wissem Fathallah
Co-founder & CPO
Portrait of Martin
Martin Zerbib
Head of Solutions Engineering
Time : 4.45-5.15 PM

Implementing data contracts to improve data quality

Learn more about how data contracts can be used to improve data quality from Andrew Jones, the creator of data contracts. The session is moderated by CEO Salma Bakouk.

Andrew Jones
Principal Data Engineer
portrait selma
Salma Bakouk
Co-founder & CEO
Time : 5.15 - 6.30 PM

Closing session & drinks

Wrap up the ENTROPY Conference. Reflect on the key takeaways and valuable insights with the other attendees with some drinks.

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