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Full Data Stack Observability
for data engineers and data consumers

Data monitoring illustration

Intelligent data monitoring.

Don’t sleep on bad data. Sifflet allows for intelligent monitoring to detect and alert of any data breakage within your pipelines, storage and dashboards.

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Exhaustive mapping of data pipelines.

Stop wasting time and effort trying to get to the bottom of your data problems. Sifflet can help you track the root cause to your breakages and optimize your data platform, thanks to our AI powered mapping of data pipelines.

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Data Pipelines
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Information-rich data catalog

Are your teams overwhelmed with various datasets and silos? Sifflet’s information-rich and comprehensible catalog allows you to navigate your data with ease. Data becomes a strong ally to your decision makers rather than a source of confusion and headaches.

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Sifflet integrates to your modern data stack.

Add the missing layer to your modern data stack.
Sifflet seamlessly integrates to your data sources and prefered tools. Sifflet is designed with flexibility in mind and can run on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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