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From data chaos to data calm

Data quality monitoring, data catalog, and end-to-end lineage—all in one platform

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Sifflet product screen of Monitoring and Alerting
From data ingestion to consumption

Integrates with your modern data stack

Sifflet seamlessly integrates into your data sources and preferred tools, and can run on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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Data Catalog

The data you need, at your fingertips

Discover and understand your data assets with confidence.


For your technical teams
Assess your monitoring coverage
Stop duplicating assets
Always find the asset you need when you need it
Collaborate with your team


For your business teams
Understand the data behind the dashboards
Feel confident about your data-based decisions
Always find the asset you need when you need it
Collaborate with your team

What's included

Data assets search engine
  • Search, filter, and sort through assets across your data stack
  • Smart sorting algorithm and additional built-in capabilities for a tailored search experience
  • AI powered data categorization recommendations
Data assets source of truth
  • Comprehensive metadata and usage data collection
  • AI powered documentation recommendations
  • Sample data to quickly get an overview of the data when needed
  • Business glossary
Integration with data monitoring
  • Asset health status visibility
  • Monitoring coverage filtering

Build confidence in the quality of your data

Intelligent data quality monitoring with business impact.


For your technical teams
Automatic monitoring coverage of your data assets
Catch any data inconsistencies as soon as they occur
ML and SQL data quality monitors
Configure once and benefit from adaptive learning of ML models


For your business teams
Ensure data reliability across the organization
Feel confident about your data-based decisions
Know when your data is experiencing quality issues
Never work with corrupt data again

What's included

Full-stack monitoring
  • Continuous automated detection of anomalies with Sifflet ML models
  • Adaptive learning - as your data changes, Sifflet ML models keep adjusting
  • Handling of special cases and ever-improving accuracy with user feedback
  • Optional manual setup offers full control, suitable for special cases and well defined business scenarios
  • Automatic setup of tailored monitoring coverage for your data
  • Programmatic monitoring setup and maintenance with Data Quality as Code (DQaC)
Monitors library
  • Predefined monitors templates let you verify your data on both field and table levels
  • A wide range of monitors targeting both business impact and technical requirements
Sifflet product screen of Monitoring and Alerting
Data Lineage

Break down data silos and ensure data quality


For your technical teams
End-to-end visibility into your data lifecycle
Assess business impact of data quality issues
Simplify root cause analysis and impact assessment
Prevent downstream issues
Swiftly onboard new users


For your business teams
De-risk data self-service
Break down data silos across teams

What's included

Comprehensive data asset dependencies mapping
  • Out-of-the-box lineage through integrations & SQL history parsing
  • Last mile dependencies mapping with declarative lineage
  • Column-level granularity
Optimized UI
  • Swift navigate, fold, and unfold lineage
  • One-click access to data asset context
  • Asset health status visibility
Extract capabilities
  • Lineage screengrabs
  • Export lineage as CSV

Secure by design

A platform built with security in mind to simplify compliance.

What's included

Product security features
  • SaaS or self-hosted deployment
  • Cross-IdP SSO support
  • RBAC
Platform security principles
  • Single tenancy architecture for state of the art isolation
  • No data alteration and least privilege policy
  • No data storage approach
Compliance certifications
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR

Sifflet ticked all of our boxes

In addition to monitoring the quality and accuracy of the data assets, we were also looking to ensure the reliability of the pipelines, observe schema changes and other metadata-related metrics.

Laurent Tachet des Combes
Head of Data, Meero
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Sifflet allows you to find and trust your data

It is very convenient to have the data quality feature together with the data catalog. I think it’s a great combination: the data catalog allows you to find all the data you need and the data quality feature monitors our data flows, ensuring that the data we use is reliable at all times.

Marco Kleine-Böhme
VP Data & Analytics, jobvalley
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