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With Sifflet, know when data breaks and fix it efficiently.

Data Quality
Because bad data = bad business. Be in the know, get alerted when data breaks.

Sifflet relies on AI to deliver intelligent data monitoring, that gives an overview of the state of your data and alerts your teams when your quality criteria aren’t met. 
Keep an eye on the health of your data by ensuring its freshness (how recent, up to date), understanding its volume (too little, too much), being aware of any schema changes, and getting a grasp of its distribution and lineage to get ahead of breakages.

Data Lineage
Stop chasing your own tail, let Sifflet help you get to the root cause of your problem.

At Sifflet, we believe your time and resources are better spent focusing on strategic business decisions so leave the “debugging” to us. Thanks to our AI powered mapping of data pipelines, not only do you get alerted when there is an issue, you get to solve it quickly.

Data Discovery
Because everyone cares about data, not just the “data people”

Sifflet’s Information-rich data catalog provides context and allows data analysts, scientists and data consumers to easily navigate through the data and better understand it. Everyone in your organization becomes well equipped to extract business insights, and create value.



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