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Use Sifflet to monitor your data assets, metadata, and infrastructure and ensure your data is reliable from ingestion to consumption.

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Sifflet ticked all of our boxes

In addition to monitoring the quality and accuracy of the data assets, we were also looking to ensure the reliability of the pipelines, observe schema changes and other metadata-related metrics.

Laurent Tachet des Combes
Head of Data, Meero
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With Sifflet we know what to do once the rule fails

We chose Sifflet for its wide offering. We’ve checked out other vendors from the space, and they have all data quality rules, but what we need is the next step. Being able to know what to do once that rule fails.

Ross Serven
Director of Data Engineering, Nextbite
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Sifflet allows you to find and trust your data

It is very convenient to have the data quality feature together with the data catalog. I think it’s a great combination: the data catalog allows you to find all the data you need and the data quality feature monitors our data flows, ensuring that the data we use is reliable at all times.

Marco Kleine-Böhme
VP Data & Analytics, jobvalley
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