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Jul 10, 2023

How jobvalley transformed its data management practice with Sifflet

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Benedetta Cittadin

In the HR tech industry, jobvalley stands out as an innovative company that has redefined the way students, graduates, and businesses connect and collaborate. Through the power of automated matching, jobvalley acts as a seamless bridge between talented individuals and organizations in search of their skills. A crucial factor behind jobvalley’s success lies in its exceptional data and analytics team, responsible for overseeing the company’s extensive data platform and valuable data assets. 

The challenge

Within jobvalley’s ecosystem, a diverse range of data sources, including first-party and third-party data, contribute to the vast repository of information. However, as the influx of data from various external sources grew exponentially, managing and maintaining data visibility became a challenge for the organization. The expanding data team encountered obstacles in efficiently locating data, and the onboarding process for new team members demanded substantial time and effort. It became evident that a robust solution was needed to overcome these hurdles and optimize data management practices. 

Finding a data catalog solution: Sifflet 

jobvalley recognized the need for a comprehensive data catalog to address their data management challenges. After a thorough evaluation of data catalog vendors, Sifflet emerged as the leading choice to fulfill their requirements to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

data stack of jobvalley made of MySQL, Snowflake, dbt and slack
jobvalley's data stack

The implementation: The impact of the on jobvalley’s data management practices

The introduction of Sifflet’s data catalog brought significant improvements to jobvalley’s data management practices. The data catalog provided a centralized hub for data discovery, enabling teams to easily access the data they required. Moreover, it established a common data vocabulary across departments, facilitating seamless collaboration and breaking down silos. The data catalog also expedites the onboarding process for new team members, reducing the time and effort required to familiarize themselves with the organization’s data landscape. 

The selection of Sifflet’s data catalog proved to be a game-changer, streamlining the process of discovering relevant data and providing invaluable guidance to the newly onboarded team members. 

Addressing data quality concerns: Leveraging Sifflet’s data quality monitoring 

While the data catalog streamlines data discovery, jobvalley recognized the importance of ensuring data reliability. To address this concern, jobvalley decided to leverage Sifflet’s data quality monitoring feature. This feature allowed them to effectively monitor and validate the quality of their data assets. Marco Kleine-Böhme, VP of Data & Analytics at jobvalley, highlighted the convenience of this feature in combination with the data catalog. It instilled trust in the reliability of the information, particularly for business-critical tables.

“The combination of the data catalog and the data quality feature is truly remarkable. The data catalog provides us with easy access to the data we require, while the data quality monitoring ensures that the data we rely upon is consistently trustworthy. This monitoring aspect holds particular significance for business-critical tables, assuring us that the information contained within is accurate and reliable.”

Results and benefits

By implementing Sifflet’s data catalog and data quality monitoring in tandem, jobvalley experienced a paradigm shift in its data management practices. The unified approach empowered teams across the organization to make data-driven decisions with utmost confidence. The data catalog acted as a centralized hub for data discovery, while the data quality monitoring feature ensured the reliability and accuracy of the information. These data management capabilities elevated jobvalley’s competitive edge and facilitated their mission of bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. 


The successful implementation of Sifflet's data catalog and data quality monitoring transformed jobvalley's data management practices The platform streamlined data discovery, enhanced collaboration, and instilled trust in the reliability of the organization's data assets. 

The case study of jobvalley serves as an inspiring example for businesses looking to optimize their data management processes and harness the power of data to drive growth and success in the HR tech industry. The partnership between jobvalley and Sifflet exemplifies the potential of innovative data management solutions to revolutionize an organization's operations and achieve its strategic objectives.

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