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Mar 8, 2023

One Year at Sifflet - Marie Berard

Post by
Benedetta Cittadin

In this series, we interview Sifflet team members about their experiences at Sifflet. Today, we are talking with Marie, our Machine Learning Engineer. 

Hello Marie! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Marie, and I have been working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Sifflet for a year. My background is in Engineering, and I also hold a Master's Degree in Advanced Computing. After my studies, I dived into the start-up and scale-up world. I decided to join Sifflet to have the opportunity to work on interesting AI projects.

In which key projects have you been involved since joining Sifflet?

I have been involved in all the AI projects Sifflet started. At the beginning of my journey at Sifflet, we focused on integrating Machine Learning into our data monitoring tool to detect data quality anomalies. But since then, our efforts have widely expanded. We have started developing AI modules to improve all the other areas of the platform, such as the data catalog. 

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment in this past year?

I'm proud of my involvement in creating the complete monitoring system from scratch. I have developed a wide range of detection possibilities using state-of-the-art models with the rest of the team. This was a great achievement for us! 

On top of this, we have started working on a few more projects that will be released this year. These projects are fully aligned with the comprehensive AI roadmap we have created to ensure that our products are as intelligent as possible.

What were your key learnings since joining Sifflet?

Joining Sifflet has helped me gain a deep understanding of the business problems Sifflet is solving and learn to communicate with all stakeholders involved.

Additionally, I have discovered a wide range of new technologies and tools that we have integrated into Sifflet's platform. 

To sum up, my critical learnings since joining Sifflet have been centered around understanding the business context and leveraging the latest technologies to build effective solutions. I've also been able to see the impact of my own work on the business. 

How would you describe Sifflet's culture?

Sifflet values diversity and prioritizes creating a welcoming environment for all employees. The company is highly dynamic, encouraging employees to explore new and creative ideas and approaches. 

Another key component of Sifflet's culture is collaboration. The team works together across departments to achieve common goals. Overall, Sifflet aims to foster a supportive and innovative environment for everyone.

Can you name the top three qualities someone needs to thrive at Sifflet?

Creativity is essential. Sifflet values employees who are willing to explore innovative ideas and approaches. The ability to think outside the box bringing fresh perspectives is vital.

Teamwork is equally important. Active listening, the ability to communicate ideas clearly, and establishing good working relationships with other departments are essential at Sifflet.

Finally, I would say that adaptability is crucial. Sifflet is a dynamic company constantly looking to evolve and improve. The ability to pivot and embrace new processes and technologies is key.

As a woman working in tech, why do you think more women should join the tech industry?

Diversity among employees is essential to consider a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and approaches. So, increasing the representation of women in tech organizations is necessary to foster this diversity further. 

On top of this, the tech industry is one of the world's fastest-growing and most dynamic industries. Encouraging more women to join the industry can help close the gender pay gap and increase economic opportunities for women, promoting equality in salaries.

Finally, having more women in the tech industry can inspire the next generation of women by providing visible role models and demonstrating the potential for success. As a woman working in tech, I feel inspired to encourage more women to leap into this exciting field.

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