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Jan 10, 2022
Company News

Sifflet Partners with Google Cloud

Post by
Salma Bakouk

We are excited to announce that Sifflet Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage!

Sifflet’s Data Observability platform will allow customers of the Google Cloud suite to achieve more trust in their data. 

Starting with the Google Cloud environment, mutual customers will be able to use Sifflet’s Observability tool within their own private google cloud environment (for a VPC deployment). Sifflet is compatible with Google’s BigQuery, allowing mutual customers to monitor the data that is stored in the data warehouse. Finally, thanks to its end to end Data Observability approach, Sifflet extends to Looker allowing customers to ensure the data being used for analytical purposes is reliable.

This partnership will enable mutual customers of Sifflet and the Google Cloud suite to unlock end-to-end observability across their cloud data stack and ensure reliability of the data assets from ingestion to analytics.

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