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Mar 27, 2024

Meet Sifflet Insights: Your BI Dashboard Data Quality Companion

Post by
Ewa Jankowska

Meet Sifflet Insights: Your BI Dashboard Data Quality Companion

In the fast-paced world of business intelligence, data is king. Your BI dashboard is your go-to source for critical insights, and the accuracy and reliability of the data it displays are paramount. Imagine having the power to not only view your reports but also receive real-time information about data quality issues while using your BI tool. Meet Sifflet Insights, the ultimate data quality companion for your BI dashboard.

Revolutionize your BI Dashboard Experience 

Sifflet Insights is here to reinvent your BI dashboard experience. Connected to your Sifflet account, it provides up-to-date information about upstream data quality issues directly within your preferred BI tool. Currently, it supports Looker and Tableau, with plans to expand to a wide range of BI tools in the near future.

Receive Data Quality Alerts & Track Incidents

Say goodbye to uncertainty in reporting. Sifflet Insights will display notifications of any upstream data quality issues in your dashboards. You’ll be able to always stay informed and confident in the data you rely on for critical business decisions. If a data quality incident occurs, Sifflet Chrome Extension will let you swiftly investigate and follow an issue. You’ll be able to access information about the incident, affected data assets, and the person assigned to resolve the issue. Whenever more details are needed, simply follow direct links to the Sifflet Platform for comprehensive insights into the problem.

Empower Business Teams

Democratize access to data quality insights by giving business teams direct access from their BI dashboards. No more dependence on data experts; empower everyone to make informed decisions.

Build Data Trust & Understanding

Improved reporting with accurate data is the foundation of trust. Ensuring the reliability of your dashboards by integrating data quality monitoring into your daily processes is the key, but why stop here? Elevate understanding of your datasets throughout the organization by uncovering the story behind each. Sifflet Insights empowers your team to delve deeper into the metadata of your Data Catalog, providing valuable context and context-driven insights.

Seamless Onboarding & Improved Efficiency

Getting started with Sifflet Insights is a breeze. Quickly set up and integrate it with your BI tool to start benefiting from data quality insights right away. Say goodbye to long and complicated onboarding processes. Time is money, and Sifflet Insights helps you save both. With real-time data quality verification, you can resolve issues promptly, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Try it out!

Don't settle for unreliable data - elevate your data quality and trust with Sifflet Insights. Download the Sifflet Insight from the Chrome Web Store and unlock the full potential of your BI dashboards!

Get in Touch!

Get in touch with the Sifflet Team to learn more about the ever-expanding capabilities of the Sifflet Platform.

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