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Sifflet + Firebolt

Post by
Benedetta Cittadin

The digital transformation we’re going through entails a growing amount of data for organizations. The storage challenge derived from this increasing amount of data has already been addressed; however, turning this data into actionable insights is still an obstacle for many organizations. Turning data into insights can be slow and expensive, and companies often make compromises on their data, achieving only a fraction of the business value that the data possesses. This led to the emergence of new tools and technologies that tackle this issue by making the process faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective. 

Firebolt - The High-Performance Warehouse

Firebolt is a new data warehousing technology that delivers sub-second response times on large datasets with highly-concurrent workloads. The underlying technology of Firebolt has its roots in Clickhouse - an open-source, high-performance OLAP database system. Firebolt re-engineered the open-source Clickhouse code to make it serverless. Consequently, decoupling storage and compute and adding a metadata layer, query planning, and service orchestration layers.

Firebolt excels in speed and achieves it thanks to the choices made around storage technology. Firebolt, in fact, reintroduced the concept of “sparse index”, allowing access to data in the storage layers in a much more granular way and consequently enabling more processing in memory and less loving of data across networks. 

Sifflet + Firebolt - Speed and Reliability for your entire data stack

Sifflet is thrilled to announce its latest integration with Firebolt. This integration will allow mutual users to identify, troubleshoot and prevent data quality issues before they become business issues. 

With Sifflet, data teams relying on Firebolt will be able to: 

  • View and document all your tables and understand their upstream and downstream dependencies, such as dbt models or Looker dashboards. In this way, you can get the full creation and usage context for your Firebolt assets on the same platform.
  • Monitor all your data on Firebolt with a click of a button, get alerted when data quality issues are detected, and trace back to their root cause. 
  • View your Firebolt tables’ health status in real-time.

Video from Sifflet

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